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Interdisciplinary Artist

Anja Saleh

©Muhammad Salah Abdulaziz

Interdisciplinary Artist

Anja Saleh is an interdisciplinary artist and poet and author of “Soon, The Future Of Memory”, her first full-length poetry collection published in June 2021 with Edition Assemblage in Germany. Educated in political and social sciences, Anja Saleh’s research and art focus on heritage crafts, memory, and future studies. In 2018 Anja Saleh founded TAVII Studio, a cultural project and fair trade jewellery shop that centres genuine artisanship in collaboration with artisans in Cairo, Egypt; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and Berlin, Germany.


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Lyriker und Rassismusforscher
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Hafssa El-Bouhamouchi


Anja Saleh

Interdisciplinary Artist
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Creative Director